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GUILT (Book 1 in Darkness Series)

ISBN-13: 978-1549541261


Jared and Laynie have been together for years. When Jared gets a great job opportunity in New York he uproots his and Laynie's lives and moves out there. Laynie immediately notices a change in Jared's personality. He becomes emotionally and physically abusive towards her. One night after a break in goes wrong Jared awakes in the hospital, only to learn he has lost a year of his memories. This includes hurting the one person he swore he would protect with his life. Now Laynie and Jared must get back to who they were before everything went wrong and get to the bottom of the reason behind all the pain.

SHAME (Book 2 in Darkness Series)

ISBN-13: 978-1973296317



I've spent my whole life being what I thought everyone wanted me to be. I never got into trouble, never broke a rule, never asked for anything I thought my mother couldn't handle. Then one day everything changes, something bad happens and it leads me right to the door of Austin Stone.


All I ever needed was my club, my family, and the road. I've worked hard at making my club legit and we are finally on the right track, but when someone drops off a beaten and frightened woman in the middle of the night at our compound, my world shifts

TRUTH (Book 3 in Darkness Series)

ISBN-13: 978-1980388135


I am a liar. I am a deceiver. I am a betrayer. My talents are unquestionable, but more than that, they are specific. I was taught to study my target. Learn everything about them, their schedule, what they like to do on their spare time, even the company they kept. My parents made me who I am today, and when I finally leave me past behind me, they remind me it has a way of catching back up to me. I've been honest with him, given him the opportunity to look away, to leave me to my sins, but he has followed me, and so now, I must destroy his heart in order to save him. My name is Anna, and I am a monster.

All my life I have loved Anna. Her heart has always been guarded, protecting something sacred, but she has finally given me a chance. When everything blows up in our faces, I do the only thing I can. The thing I am best at doing, try and make the most out of the horrid situation that is put in front of me. Little did I know my heart would receive pain and ache, unlike anything I have ever experienced. My name is Alan, and I am a fool.

I've always loved Brian. Ever since I can remember I've felt my heart pull me into his embrace. Being with him is easy. He was simply made for me. Then life got in the way. I experienced the most dreadful things that could happen to me, and in turn, destroy Brian on my road to self-destruction. Now it's my time to find my way back
Max Ebook cover.jpg
It only takes five words to drag me back to the desolate dry land of Afghanistan. Five simple words and I'm seeing the blast of gunfire behind my head. Five words and I see her drop right in front of my eyes. Five words cause me to lose myself and revert back into the soldier they made me. Five words.
"Thank you for your service"
Shane ebook cover.jpg
Life wasn't always easy. Not for a woman who had a child before marriage in a house where your father is a pastor. I try my hardest to give my daughter the life she deserves. I decided right after moving to New York with my sister that in order to give her the best life possible. No men could be in the picture....and then I met Shane.

Women have always been a soft spot for me. No woman has ever seen me more than a biker, a piece of shit, worthless. Until I meet Lyla. She doesn't let my attitude determine her life. She gives me her sass and kindness all mixed together in a southern bell. Then one day, her past catches up to us
chance cover front.jpg
CHANCE: The nightmares are what keep me up at night, but it's the screams that haunt me when I'm awake that are the real problem. It's been years since that dreadful night. Years of torture, of pain. Years of seeing their faces as the light stops shining from their eyes. She reminds me of them. Young. Innocent. Too good for this world. Too good for me.

ABBY: I've been his admirer. Hidden in the shadows of his fears. He has nightmares that haunt even me. I wish to be his escape but he doesn't notice me. Doesn't see me within his light. So I'll stay in the shadows. I'll wait forever for him.
The Beauty Inside ebook cover.jpg
I'd like to imagine that day never existed. I'd like to pretend that after my prom night, I was able to then graduate, go to college, find my career, get married, and start a family. But that's not reality. He took me that night four years ago, and he never truly returned me.
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